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Barton Hill Farms

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Barton Hill Farms had been on my “to do” list for a couple of years. Recently, the kids and I got to check it out. The day trip was a hit! It reminded us of the surprises that make exploring new places so much fun.

The sense of adventure began with the drive, as soon as we took off from the highway to head down two-lane roads and into farm country. The Farm is about a thirty-minute drive east of Austin, 10-miles from Bastrop.

IMG 0413

We pulled into the grass parking lot near the barn, sprawling with pumpkins. While the kids’ attention was drawn instantly to the giant jumpy pillow, trike track, trains and handmade slides built from plastic pipes, I was struck by the scenery. Dark clouds rolled in, highlighting the green of the farm and its spot along the Colorado River where a small fishing boat trolled. Wooden bench swings hung from giant cottonwoods and bluegrass played from the stage, giving the whole setting a relaxed feel despite the many activities to do.

IMG 0424 IMG 0429

Every weekend, live music plays from the stage. Beer, wine, sodas and snowcones are sold from the concession stand along with your standard hot dog and sausage wraps. A food truck area expands the options with BBQ, sandwiches and Mexican food. So bring a blanket or chairs and stay awhile.

IMG 0440

While the farm had been on my radar to check out, a giant thunderstorm was also on the radar that day, cutting our visit short before we could try the corn maze. With its choice of levels - easy (25 mins.) or difficult (45 mins.) - it also promises adventure!

Admission grants access to all attractions at $14 per person (ages 3+) at the gate or $13 online .

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Dates: September 24 - November 13

Hours: Saturdays 10 am - 8 pm and Sundays 10 am - 6 pm

Location: 1115 Farms to Market 969, Bastrop, Texas

Website: www.bartonhillfarms.com


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