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My ten-year old daughter thought my author bio a bit too dry (and not funny). So she spruced it up and added a bit of spice. I think she captured the essence of our family pretty well (better than I did, I'll have to admit). See what you think:

About the Author - by Annette Lucksinger

Local author Annette Lucksinger has made her home in Austin, Texas, for the past 15 years. She is a mother of two children, who not only inspired the guidebook but who have proven to be great fellow adventurers. She teaches writing and literature at St. Edward’s University.

About the Author - by Emmi Lucksinger

Annette Lucksinger has been writing for a long time. She is currently a professor of the Writing Center at Saint Edwards University (go Hilltoppers!). She lives with a patient homebrewer husband, a 10-year old soccer player, a Minecraft-loving son, and a dog who needs to drink decaf. She enjoys reading and being outside. She is very glad she's finished a book!

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